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Former Chicago Mayor Edward Kelly

The more than 7,500 square foot home has two thousand feet of lake frontage, a two-story boathouse, and a long and interesting history. 

When Former Chicago Mayor Edward Kelly showed off the plans for his new Eagle River home in 1926 the Vilas County News called it, "A Show Place of the North."

"It has an extremely colorful history," said Eagle River Historical Society President Karen Sailer.

Kelly was chief engineer of the Sanitary District at the time the house was being built.

In an era of mobsters and corruption, Kelly might have had some illegal help in building his mansion.

"During the construction of the Kelly property Chicago sanitation trucks were seen going up and down the road with building materials," said Sailer.

Kelly became mayor in 1933 when then-Mayor Anton Cermak was assassinated.

"Mayor Kelly was a fairly influential player in the 30s, 20s and 30s, in national politics having helped get Franklin Roosevelt elected, then re-elected," said Kim Goluska. "There's a lot of national history to his house and his estate."

Goluska knows a lot about that history. He and his wife bought the Mont Tennes property next door to the Kelly residence 30 years ago.

The Dream

Tennes was known as Chicago's King of Gamblers. He was good friends with Kelly.

"There is a small private bridge that connects the two properties because they were very close friends," said Sailer.

One of the most defining features of each property are the two-story boathouses. In the 1930s, the top floor of the Kelly boathouse was made into a small casino, while the top floor of the Tennes boathouse became a chapel.

"When the guys got too rowdy the wives would send them over to chapel," said Goluska. 

The Build

Indian Point was built between 1928 and 1932 as a three season house for Mayor Kelly and his family. 

In 2018 Wendy and Danny Dulak purchased the property with the goal of bringing it back to it former splendor and opening it to the public.  While replacing insulation, plumbing, electrical, the Dulak’s were keen to keep the feel of a 1930’s estate, but outfit it with 21st century accommodations. 

The vibe of old gangsters can still be felt around the estate, but it is now blunted with high end accommodations ready for the most discerning guests. 

"By far the best place we've stayed at in Northern Wisconsin!" 

One of the most famous & historic properties on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

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